It’s really hard to choose a new carpet for your house. It’s even harder to choose a durable and excellent carpet whenever you’ve got pets and kids. You know that pets and children can be harsh on carpets. Pets have claws that can damage the carpet’s fibers, your kids can spill stains, and much more. You’ve got to ensure that you pick a carpet that can hold up well so that you will still love it even after a couple of decades.  


If you do not want to always hire a professional carpet cleaning company for pet stain and pet odor removal Boston, here are a couple of tips that you can follow when choosing a carpet: 


Color is one of the things you’ve got to consider, aside from the type of carpet. When it comes to color, there are a lot of various options out there. However, there are a couple of crucial aspects to think about when choosing a carpet. This is particularly true if you’ve got a pet or kid. 

  • Multicolored 

A lot of public areas use multicolored carpets. The reason for this is that they have a tendency to hide stains and spills quite well. Every color of debris and stains will blend easily if your carpet has every color there is. Though you perhaps will not think about the motel lobby or movie theater carpets for your house, there are a lot of excellent multicolored carpets that will not look out of place in any house.  

  • Medium Shade 

Everybody knows that light-colored carpets are susceptible to spots and stains. In addition to that, you’ve got to always vacuum it regularly since any speck of dust will show up. However, dark-colored carpets also have their own issues. It will show up all over your dark carpets if you’ve got a pet with light fur. In addition to that, in dark carpets, any light stains, such as flow, dust, sugar, will easily show up. Because of this, your ideal option is medium shade. It will hide any dark and light stains. You’ve got to pick a neutral color for the ideal camouflage results.  


The next thing to think about is the type of carpet. There are two main types of carpet. This includes natural fiber and synthetic fiber.  

  • Polyester 

This type of carpet offers stain-resistant properties. This means that it is an ideal option if you are worried about stains, spots, and spills which usually happens a lot if you’ve got kids. Softness is another benefit of polyester. This is a vital factor for families with young kids since they usually spend most of their time crawling on your carpet.  

  • Nylon 

This is a form of synthetic carpet that’s known for its durability. This type of carpet has a tendency to hold their shape easily. It is an excellent option for high-traffic places. Though nylon might be a bit more expensive compared to other fibers, the color is much longer-lasting and it holds up a lot longer.