Since vacation season is now starting, this is the best moment to take some precautions to make your home theft-proof. Remember that you are not the only one who’s excited about your vacation trip, the possible burglars are also looking forward to invading a house without an owner. So, instead of returning to your home only to find out that your valuable things are permanently gone, you should consider the following steps to secure your home for you to get rid of such worries while you’re on vacation. 

Never entertain strangers 

Usually, burglars will know when anybody’s home by pretending to be a delivery or salesperson and sometimes by ringing the doorbell. There are also instances when they even really try to work and do a doo-t-door job only to find out that they are already searching for a home that can be their next place to rob. You can stop this from occurring by installing a peephole and hanging signage that states “No Soliciting”. This way you can see whether the person who rang your doorbell is somebody you expect to come. Once it’s a stranger, you are aware that they will be resolute to neglect your sign, which is a great indication that they are planning something suspicious. 

Have a better lock 

If you have single-cylinder deadbolt locks that just need to be twisted do extremely little to really secure your house. You can make it better by changing the strike plate using a secured one with long screws. Moreover, you can use any lock you install. It’s crazy how a lot of people never lock their doors once they are getting a short errand or even when they are home. 

Make sure to secure your sliding patio doors 

For the majority of intruders, a patio door is one of the easiest access points in a home because their locks are usually weak and flimsy. There are 2 simple ways to secure your sliding doors. This include: 

Have a glass-break detector alarm to deter thieves who attempt to just smash your door to get it. 

Set up a lock behind your sliding door that stops it from being opened forcefully. As an alternative, you can simply use a broomstick and cut it to suit in the door track, 

Setup motion detector lights 

Leaving outdoor lights on during nighttime is one of those debatable matters among property owners. Those who believe that this is a must in every household claim that having a well-lit exterior can help discourage burglars. Some believe that well-lit lighting outside allows them to see what they are doing. Luckily, you can compromise both ideas by installing motion-activated lights Chicago. This light will suddenly come on that can possibly startle possible thieves. This can also help to catch the attention of your neighbors as well. 

You can always be ready to have a theft-proof property by following the steps provided above. If you want to know more about some tips about securing your home, contact us for more information!