Having a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings you can ever experience in your entire life. These babies are certainly squishy that we are always tempted to bite their hands and toes. But they can also be quite deceptive too! From being cute babies, they can grow so big and tall, probably taller than you within just a few years! So, it is important for most parents to capture these baby moments while they still can. 

 Although professional Baby Photographers are oftentimes better than DIYs, it is also a practical choice to do it on your own. In this article, you will know some helpful tips to capture baby photos without a professional help. 

  1. Always consider the perfect time for your baby

Baby photos are some of the most difficult things to capture and produce because the subjects can be so diva and demanding. It requires patience (a lot) and a little bit of strategy and timing. Shoot the moments when your baby is in the best mood, laughing and giggling with you. From there, you will have the most genuine photos of your baby. Also, consider taking photos during naptime, because they are easy to handle when they are asleep. 


2.Use songs and toys for a perfect front view 

Eye contact is superb, especially when your subject is a baby. To get their attention, you can use some toys at the back or beside the camera to have a perfect photo shot. You can also try playing pick-a-boo while moving the camera away and taking the shot.  


  1. Get a proper lighting

The most ideal is the most natural. So, pick a location that has the most natural lighting. If you want to shoot on the floor, you may do so besides an open door or window to let the lights in the room.  


  1. Choose the props that fit with your baby’s skin tone

Props can be in the form of objects and outfits. Make sure to choose something that does not contrast with your baby, but rather blends in with her/him. If you pick contrasting colors, your baby will be outshined. You can use a knitted blanket to achieve that texture that goes with will babies. 


5.Capture the tiny details 

Do not forget to capture all the little details that make your baby unique. From the crinkled little chin, her rosebud lips, tiny fingers, and toes, these are the things you want to capture for remembrance. Having a macro lens is ideal to shoot these details. However, if you do not have these, you can opt to move closer to your baby to get some close-up shots. Also, using manual focus is recommended than autofocus. In this way, you have control on what to focus on the camera. 




Your babies are the most precious gifts you can have, but they cannot remain babies forever. So take some time to capture their innocence and baby-ness. When they grow old, you will have something for remembrance.